Esther Middelkoop, Netherlands

Professor Dr. Esther Middelkoop studied chemistry at the University of Utrecht, and obtained a PhD in biochemistry in 1989. During some years she worked as post-doc at the biochemistry department of the University of Amsterdam, in the  Academic Medical Centre. 
  • Skin replacements: In 1992 she started her work on skin replacement materials at the department of dermatology of the AMC. In 1996 she continued this work at the Burn Centre of the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk and with the Dutch Burns Foundation. She initiated several studies in the field of skin substitutes, wound healing and scar treatment, which lead a.o. to some 15 PhD-theses. 
  • Burn Centers: Since January 2004, the research activities of the three Dutch burn centers are combined in the Association of Dutch Burn Centers. Esther Middelkoop is the research director of the organization. 
  • Chair in Skin Regeneration and Wound Healing: Since September 2006, she is also professor in Skin Regeneration and Wound Healing at the dept. of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery of the Free University Medical Centre in Amsterdam. 
  • International activities: Esther Middelkoop participates actively in the European Tissue Repair Society (president 2003-2004), European Burns Association and Scar Club, now Global Scar Society G-Scars (Montpellier). She regularly teaches at the Scar Academy (Antwerp, Belgium) and several Dutch Universities. Furthermore, she participated in the European FP7 consortium Euroskingraft.