Ardeshir Bayat, Uk

He is a clinician scientist and a tenured associate professor, at the Institute of Inflammation and Repair based at the University of Manchester, England, UK. His work has focused on the subject of tissue repair and regeneration. His career aim has been to make a major impact on human health through translation into better outcomes for patients suffering with abnormal wound healing and tissue fibrosis by developing research programmes which combines high quality basic science and translational clinical research. He uses cutting edge experimental tools to gain a deeper insight into the molecular basis of acute and chronic wound healing as well as abnormal scar formation and tissue fibrosis (e.g. keloid scars) in order to use this knowledge to develop new diagnostic, prognostic and predictive biomarkers as well as targeted therapies.

He has numerous ongoing academic and industrial collaborators in the field of tissue repair, fibrosis and wound healing worldwide. He is an active member of the American and European Wound Healing and Tissue Repair Societies and on the organizing committee as well as publications committee of the American Wound Healing Society. He is an invited speaker at national and international scientific/clinical conferences (in excess of 475 personal and supervised presentations given with 21 Wound Healing Society Young Investigator Award nominations to date for his team).

He have an H index of 43 and has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals, which include original scientific papers, reviews and invited articles in press and/or under review (400 publications including original papers, reviews, published abstracts and book chapters). His research thrives upon the multidisciplinary and interactive research environment that exists between the bedside (the clinic/hospital), the bench (laboratory) and industry.